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Willem Louw Solicitor-Advocate

Willem Louw Solicitor-Advocate

I offer expert advice and assistance in  aspects of Business, Commercial, Family, Wills and Power of Attorney Law matters.

I will represent you with commitment and strength.

I understand sometimes a matter or legal issue is not just a law issue but a life issue.

You are the most important party in your case.

I offer a wealth of experience to ensure you of a compassionate approach where it is needed and I will be of assistance to help you deal with it on your terms. I will personally represent you. Together we will prepare your case thoroughly as preparation is the key to success.

I back my legal approach with the latest cutting-edge technology and a highly secure platform for sharing documents to give my clients the best possible service by utilizing technology to the full.

I will always endeavour to keep your legal cost as low as possible.

I look forward to legally assisting you thoroughly in solving your serious family law matter at hand; I am very aware of the psychological and sensitive challenges some case and matters  entails.

My clients can feel safe and secure in knowing their legal matters are in safe and professional hands. 

Attorney At Law South Africa 

If you are living in the UK and need assistance in solving family matters either here or in South Africa - I can help.

If you are living in South Africa and need help in the UK - I can assist, with all Family and matrimonial legal requirements for UK and South Africa, through my South African based law firm Willem Louw Incorporated, www.willemlouwinc.co.za, we have more than 20 years’ experience in Family law.

Willem Louw Solicitor-Advocate

I am here to help you with law and with life  

"I believe in supporting local ethical business and being part of local business in Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham"