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Petrol Ponies 

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Get your Compulsory Basic training in modules. 

With our training you can do your CBT in Modules (sections, element by element) giving you the flexibility to learn a motorcycle on your time in a fun relaxed manner.

You only pay for each module (element as you do it) making it easier to learn to ride:

Element A and B (Introduction to CBT, Safety Gear and Bike Controls) is a one and half hour session and costs £20

Element C (practical on-site riding) is a 3 hour session and costs £70

Element D (practical on-road training) is a 1 hour session and costs £20

Element E (practical on-road riding) is a 2 hour session and costs £65

Why do your CBT Training?

Change your life forever! All you need is a provisional licence and a CBT training (Compulsory Basic Training) then you can ride a 125cc motorcycle with L plates for two years (if you are 17). If you are 16 you will be able to ride a moped. Get motorbike lessons started.

Why learning to ride a motorcycle or moped and doing you CBT makes financial sense?

Learning to ride a motorcycling makes great financial sense. How does 120 mpg sound? Easy to park. Easy to get through traffic. Why aren't more people riding? Safety they say. What if you could be taught how to ride motorcycle properly and safely from the beginning, while you receive the necessary skills and it's not done in a rush.

What if you are really safe from the word go?

You are not just a number to us. You could be one more well trained motorcyclist on the road. One more free soul, enjoying the fun of the open road.

Is CBT Training a Test?

CBT training (Compulsory Basic Training) is not a bike test but it is a process of learning to ride a motorcycle and a continuous assessment of safety and skill. Learner 125cc motorcycle (17 and older) and moped riders (16 and olfer) must complete CBT training before they can ride a moped or motorcycle on the public road.

Why CBT training with Petrol Ponies is in beneficial?

We will help you attain the following motorbike skills in a safe and calm environment:

Motorcycle theory

Road safely skills.

Correct attitudes towards motorcycling 

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